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Learning Spanish in Sargantana House
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Learning Spanish through life

María: your teacher and host

María, your tutor and host, has more than eighteen years of experience teaching Spanish and speaks fluent English.

She is a bachelor in Sciences of Education for the Complutense University of  Madrid.

Since she has moved to Barcelona, besides teaching in numerous schools and institutions, she has collaborated in ERASMUS program for Blanquerna (Ramón Llull University) and in the UDEN (IESE, Navarra University) for eight years.

María worked as a teacher of Spanish for different companies and administrations: Lotus Development Ireland, Olympic Games Organization and RTZ Mining and Exploration, Riotinto (Dublin, 19993/94); Mayer Gabay, Judge of the International Court of Justice, UNO (Tel-Aviv, 1997).

Prior to becoming a Spanish teacher as a foreign language, she worked as a consultant and instructor free-lance for more than one hundred companies, in direct marketing and professional communication.

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